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Day Two…

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2023 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Athon Scordato

Mission: 02-The Line Widens
Location: Corridor, Station K-17
Timeline: morning after “One More Thing”

It wasn’t even oh-eight-hundred hours, day two, and already, Scordato was in a mood.

For one thing, he hadn’t slept very well. The station being a new environment and all, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it was still a problem. It had taken him twenty minutes or more just to start to drift off to sleep, a cycle that repeated itself every time he happened to wake up in the middle of the night (which seemed to have been every few hours).

That, he could manage, given enough time (he hoped). It would’ve been more tolerable, of course, if he’d been able to get anything remotely resembling breakfast from the replicator.

Alas, no. The replicator (as with the station’s computer the night before) had decided it simply was not going work…at all. It was one of more than a dozen other things on his list (just for his quarters) he meant to submit to the station’s supply officer. But with all the other work going on to get the station ready, he had a feeling that it would be some time before they got around to addressing any of it (if at all).

…and he didn’t have time to spend half-a-day or more in the supply office trying to get these things sorted out. He had a science department to run.

Which is why he was on his way, not to the supply office, but to the main science labs. Though the department was a small one for a station (no bigger than some of the ships he’d served on), the roster indicated there were at least a few officers and analysts assigned to his supervision. And so his plan was simple. He’d sent a message the night before, calling what he hoped would be a brief introductory meeting. After that, he figured he would tour the facilities (such as they were), assess the current state of things, and make his report to the captain.

The best laid plans, he reminded himself.

As Scordato came around the final bend in the corridor, his pace slowed. This was not his first time being in charge, but still, he could feel a few butterflies in his stomach. How would they respond to him? Would they get along? Or would it be a struggle just to accomplish the simplest things?

Pushing these questions (and associated feelings) aside as best he could, Scordato crossed the last few meters and passed through the door.


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