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Lieutenant Commander Athon Scordato

Name Athon Scordato

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Novan
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 167 cm (5'6")
Weight 66 kg (145 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel


  • Zia Scordato
  • Virn Scordato
  • Brother(s)
  • Liel Scordato
  • Fabr Scordato

  • Personality & Traits

    Strengths & Weaknesses Scordato is a smart, compassionate young man who tries to see the best in others and the world (and to do right by them). However, this can sometimes cause him to appear naive as to how things really are. He can also become frustrated with lack of progress (or with folks choosing to be more cynical and less engaged).

    Most of the time, Scordato is more than capable of asserting himself when he needs to. But when he is exhausted or has otherwise reached a limit, he can end up shutting down and withdrawing from others.
    Ambitions Although slow to start, Scordato found his career trending upward after an early opportunity given to him by a mentor showed him he had the potential to be not only a member of the science department, but to lead as well. Since then, he has continued to rise steadily in his assignments, hoping to serve aboard (and perhaps one day command) an exploration vessel.
    Hobbies & Interests
  • spending time in the outdoors (e.g. gardens, arboretums, forests, parks, etc.)
  • outdoor recreation (e.g. hiking, camping, etc.)
  • playing games (e.g. alone or with close friends)
  • traveling (seeing new places, learning about them)
  • reading
  • stargazing
  • listening to music

    Languages: Federation Standard, Federation Sign Language

  • Service Record CDT | Stellar Cartography & Astrophysics | Starfleet Academy, Cestus III (2383-2387)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | {{Location TBD}} (2384)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | USS Garneau (Akira-class) (2385-2386)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | USS Carasarga (Obena-class) (2386-2387)

    ENS | Science Officer | USS Diphda (Nova-class) (2387-2389)
    LTJG | Dep. Chief Science Officer | USS Diphda (Nova-class) (2389-2390)
    LTJG | Dep. Chief Science Officer | USS Machado (Intrepid-class) (2390-2391)
    LT | Dep. Chief Science Officer | USS Machado (Intrepid-class) (2391-2393)
    LT | Chief Science Officer | USS Oberon (Luna-class) (2393-2395)
    LCDR | Chief Science Officer | Station K-17 (K-class) (2395-Present)