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One More Thing…

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2023 @ 4:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Athon Scordato

Mission: 02-The Line Widens
Location: Scordato's Quarters, Station K-17
Timeline: following "Infirmary Introductions"

Scordato should have known better. After the incident at the transporter, his rather inauspicious meeting with his new captain, and that strange encounter in the station's infirmary, nothing about his room assignment should have surprised him. And yet, for some reason, he'd been hoping (perhaps wishing) it'd be different.

It wasn't.

From the moment the door opened, he could tell. The space itself consisted of two areas divided by a half wall, one area for sleeping and the other for work or socializing. There was also a small bathroom unit adjacent. Taken altogether, it was a little more than half the size of what Scordato had been afforded on the Oberon (and a lot more spartan). If anything, the entire room seemed to have leapt straight out of the historical records (along with the rest of the station). Even the more recent additions of computer access terminals (and what he assumed was meant to be a replicator) looked as if they'd been added haphazardly and didn't quite fit in.

Letting out a sigh, Scordato crossed over the threshold, allowing it to close behind him. He tossed his travel bag and the PADD he'd been carrying on one side of the bed. Then he turned around and sat down next to them. A moment later, he'd dropped back so that he was laying with his face upwards toward the ceiling.

He stayed like that for a little while, allowing his thoughts to swirl around. It had been a long day already and he was tired. Part of him knew he could have easily just laid there until he fell asleep. But another part realized there were still a few things that needed to be done before he could call it a day.

Alright, he thought to himself, get it together.

Scordato pushed himself back up into a seated position. Then, rising to his feet, he crossed over to the other half of the room where he found the three storage units that held his personal belongs. Not surprisingly, they had not been stacked in an orderly pile. Instead, whoever had dropped them off for him seemed to have just deposited them wherever was convenient. Yet another thing he was going to have to find some way of dealing with or else it was going to be a long assignment.

“Computer,” he said, “Establish a secure connection to the Starfleet data network, storage node six-three-four-seven-alpha-sierra. Download the personal files for Scordato, Athon.”

Processing…” the computer replied. Scordato waited as it worked the command. There was a series of chirps and electronic warbles, followed by a rather unhappy sound. “Error,” came the response, “Unable to establish data connection. Please restate request.

“Forget it,” Scordato muttered, too tired to argue.

He reached up and removed his hearing aids, setting them aside on the edge of the half wall. Then he went over to the closest storage unit, opened the lid, and began to unpack his things.


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