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Infirmary Introduction

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2023 @ 4:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Athon Scordato & Lieutenant Tequila Dreik

Mission: 02-The Line Widens
Location: Infirmary, Station K-17
Timeline: following “An Inauspicious Start”

Finding the infirmary turned out to be much easier than locating the station commander, and for that, Scordato was grateful. But the sense of relief didn’t last long. For no sooner did he enter the room than he found himself face to face with a rather sour-looking nurse in medical blue.

Lolli looked up as the doors opened, her bright blue eyes narrowing as she cast a glance over the newcomer. It was only when she had determined that he wasn't obviously injured or bleeding that her expression softened and she offered him a smile. "What can I do for y'all sugah?" she drawled. "If you need emergency medical attention I suggest y'all hail the nearest passin' ship and head for Vega."

Scordato couldn’t quite tell if the woman was trying to break the ice of if this was another example of the ‘hospitality’ he’d noticed since arriving. “Uhh…no,” he said slowly, “I’m not in need of…uh…treatment. I’m Lieutenant Commander Scordato, the new chief science officer. I’m here for my check-in.”

Lolli's intense gaze became one of apology. "Oh, darlin', I'm sorry." She frowned and shook her head. "You'll wanna see Tiki, she's through there." She hitched a thumb over her shoulder indicating toward an office.

No sooner had she thumbed the direction the office door flew open and Tiki appeared in the doorway, eyes wide, fresh hot pink glitter sparkling in her black hair and across her plain black tshirt. "I swear to the deities, I'm gonna hunt him down and remove his kidneys through his nostrils!" she raged. "I adjusted my air vent and got glittered again! He is asking for death, and I'm happy to oblige!"

She glanced from Lolli, who's expression had become rather bemused, to Scordato, then back to Lolli again. "Who's this?"

"Latest victim," the nurse responded with a nonchalant shrug before she went back to examining her nails.

Tiki's expression changed as she turned to face Scordato. "So which Admiral's daughter did you get too close to?"

It took a moment for Scordato to process the question. Indeed, the whole thing was a bit much to take in all at once, but he did his best. “I…uh…” he said, “No one. I didn’t get close to anyone. That’s not…”

Tiki shook her head with mild amusement, glitter falling from her dark curls. "Take a seat over there, there's a few empty biobeds, I'll get you sorted. Oh, just don't take number three. Pretty sure it's broken and is likely to fall apart if you sit on it." She turned back to Lolli momentarily. "Find out where that asshat is. As soon as I'm done here I'm gonna go kill him." Turning away, she followed Scordato across sickbay and picked up a medical tricorder. "When was your last physical?"

The question elicited a wry smile from Scordato. Ironically, he'd just gone through his annual physical aboard the Oberon, only to find out a few days later that he was being transferred. "I think it was about eight weeks ago," he replied, "Took me six weeks to get here, so...yeah...probably around eight weeks."

Tiki sighed and shook her head, more sparkles of glitter floating to the floor. "Any significant changes in your health in the last eight weeks?" she asked.

"Not that I'm aware of..."

The look Tiki cast his way was nothing short of exasperating. The way her eyes darkened perfectly expressed her 'then why the hell are you wasting my time?' mood.

Finally after a moment of silence she shook her head again. "Then I'll flag you as onboarded and you're good to go," she stated coolly. "Come back when you're broken, bleeding or dead."


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