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Hard Hats Required

Posted on Fri Apr 7th, 2023 @ 11:30pm by Captain Etan Kaz

Mission: 02-The Line Widens
Location: Captain's Cabin

Kaz had only received very short updates about the upper decks construction from the Engineer's, and so he chose to inspect the area's for himself. He approached the doors of the Captain's Cabin and reached out to press the chime, where he was tole Commander Rortom, the project commander, was.

Rortom came to the door, and was shocked to see Kaz enter. Rortom was a rather large Bolian man, and he had sweat pouring down his face.

He had spoken with Kaz about the plans while en route to K-17, but he never expected the Captain to show up on the work site. "Captain!" his voice conveyed his shock.

"I though I might come to see how it's all going." Etan shoved past the Bolian with a weathered hand.

The Trill man made it around the blue skinned Commander, and a few steps into the space before Rortom he called after him, "Sir it isn't safe for you to be in here without protective headgear."

Kaz blinked at the man, his hand outstreched. "Well?" He said, the annoyance clear in his voice.

"Sir?" The Bolian responded, unsure what he was being asked.

"Get me protective headgear." He demanded

The Bolian cringed and scurried to a bin, he produced a hard hat and presented it to Etan.

After placing it firmly on his head, Kaz stood with Rortom for an awkward minute before speaking."Well lead the way Mister Rortom." He barked.

"This way." Rortom called, leading the way into the expanded cabin."This is the main living space, complete with a newly installed kitchen and expanded lounge area." He gestured to a large unfinished space, that gave the impression of what he was describing.

Kaz nodded, and took a moment to take in the size of the space.

They walked past a small group of workers finishing the floor.

"Over there is your bedroom and a separate workspace."

Kaz turned to Rortom, "Looks great. When will it be ready?"

The Bolian's eyes went wide, "Not for three days sir."

Kaz nodded "Are the rest of the Upper Deck done."

"I'm certain they will be done around the same time sir."Rortom said.

The Trill man continued nodding. "Good, good. " He patted the eolian on the back. "Keep it up Commander."

"Yes sir." Rortom said, with a slight eye roll. "Thank you for stopping by."

"Get back to it." Kaz said taking the hard had from his head and tossing it to his guide. "See you in three days!" He called departing the construction zone.


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