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Strangers At The Door

Posted on Sat Jul 9th, 2022 @ 5:43pm by Captain Etan Kaz & Autarch Korzenten Rej Tov-AA & Lieutenant Sabine St. James

Mission: 02-Crossing the Line
Location: Various
Timeline: MD01-0200Hours

Grundmanis was still in Ops, resuming her post after the Senior Staff dispersed to their duties. She was watching her console, waiting for the Tzenkethi ships to enter range of the station's comms.

"Ops to Kaz, the Tzenkethi are entering Comm range now" Grundmanis reported.

“On my way.” Came the voice of the Captain.

After a minute, Captain Kaz entered Ops. The tension in the room was palpable."Open a channel to the lead ship." He had taken his customary seat in the middle of the room.

"Channel open, Captain." Grundmanis replied, nodding towards Etan.

Despite only having taken his seat, Kaz stood. This felt like something he needed to stand for. "Tzenkethi ships, this is Federation Station Deep Space K-17. You are approaching the Federation border. State your intent." Etan filled his voice with his most commanding tone.

In the lead ship, Korzenten took the comm. "We need to cross the border." he said, sounding quite panicked. "We are unarmed and request asylum in Federation Space."

"Tzenkethi ships, you are not permitted to cross the border. Doing so will be interpreted as an act of aggression. We have received your request for asylum and are taking it seriously. Hold your position and wait for further instructions." Etan ordered.

"With Respect, waiting is not really an option." Korzenten was filled with anxiety at the situation. As seconds passed it meant ships sent by his usurper would be closer to finding them.”Please Captain.”

Etan took a moment of silence to consider the situation as fully as he could. Taking a deep breath, he responded. “Please bring your ships about and enter our lower hanger bay. I will meet you." The Captain’s word hung in the air, and everyone in Ops stared in disbelief.

"Thank you Captain." Came the gargled response, over the antiquated comm.

Kaz looked around and tapped his combadge. “Lieutenant St. James, meet me at the Lower Hangar Bay.”

=A= Acknowledged, sir, I'll be there. =A= Sabine replied.

The doors of the Hangar Bay were imposing. A testament to the history of Starfleet Engineering. The Trill waited for his Security Officer, he was antsy. Curiosity flooded his mind. Who were these Tzenkethi? Why were they fleeing? We’re they being chased? All these questions circled and distracted the Captain that he almost didn’t hear Sabine approaching .

The Security Officer approached with two others, all with Type 2s at their hips.

"Sir. This is exceptionally irregular. What are we going to do?" Sabine asked

Sighing, Kaz couldn’t help but agree. “You can say that again.” He looked at the control panel on the wall and waited a moment for the green light to indicated the room was properly pressurized. “Phasers on stun please. But keep them holstered.”

"Aye, sir." Sabine nodded to the other security officers who nodded back.

Leading the team into the Hangar Bay, Kaz took in the sight of the Tzenkethi vessels. It was only a moment before the hatches began to his open and a number of Tzenkethi emerged.

“Captain, I am Selner-Tzel-Gar-A.I was an advisor to the Autarch.” Korzenten lied, stepping forward to greet the Trill.

“Captain Etan Kaz.” The Trill responded with a nod.

“If you wouldn’t mind Captain, is there somewhere you can I can speak privately?” The Tzenkethi seemed rather intent with his request.

“There is.But first my Security officer will need to scan you all for weapons.” Etans was certain his assertion sounded xenophobic.”It’s a standard procedure.” He added, hoping it would ease that tension.

Selner nodded his understanding.

"Please remain still for the scan." Sabine said professionally. It was a strange shift, not often was she seen in such a stoic demeanor, but so too was she not in this situation. Without another word, she pulled out her tricorder, ran it over the Tzenkethi and then nodded once to her Captain once the results showed they were clean.

“If you’d like to follow me.” Kaz said to the man who seemed to be the leader of the Tzenkethi group. “Lieutenant St.James will bring your companions to Sickbay to get checked over for any injuries.”

“That’s sounds agreeable Captain. Lead the way.” The Tzenkethi man said.

Kaz led his Tzenkethi companion into the rather large but now decrepit office afforded to him as the Station's Commander.

"Have a seat." The Trill man crossed to a small cabinet and opened both doors. Carefully he selected a bottle and returned to his now seated guest.

"Aldebaran Whiskey." He indicated the bottle of green liquid and pulled two cups from his desk drawer.

The Tzenkethi man nodded his approval.

Kaz poured two glasses, he slid one to Selner and then sat back in his own seat. He sighed at the relief of sitting."So, care to explain what the Hell is going on." He asked candidly, leaning back with his glass in hand. "And if you don't mind, I'd like to record this conversation." He tapped a PADD that was already positioned between them.

The Tzenkethi nodded his approval. "Simply put, there's been a coup." He said plainly. He looked rather uncomfortable in the chair, as it was clearly too small for his hulking body.

Kaz leaned forward. "What?"

Selner took a swig of his drink and then spoke very matter of factly. "It's when one political power deposes another for control of the government."

"I know what it is." The Captain said, seeming rather annoyed. "So much of your people's society is unknown to us, but it has always seemed that political power was a stable area."

"Tell that to the men who rose against the Autarch." Selner said, a clear personal rage within him. "And...killed him." He lied, wanting to protect his own identity.

Captain Kaz nodded his understanding of the situation. "So the question is, why are you and your men here?"

Mid sip, Selner stopped and then downed the rest of his drink. "You must understand that Tzenkethi society depends upon people staying where they are meant to be." The reptillian man shifted in his seat again. "The new, self proclaimed Autarch has a military agenda. One that involves targeting the Federation and its allies. We couldn't be party to that."

It was all a lot for Kaz to take in. A coup, a military leader, and a plan to attack the Federation.

"I fear that Coalition forces are already on our trail, which puts you and your station at risk." The Tzenkethi man said, putting his empty glass on the edge of the desk.

Etan downed his drink and sat forward. "This changes things. I've already been in contact with my superiors at Starfleet Command, when I thought your convoy was a precursor to invasion. Our reinforcements should be here in a matter of hours, and we'll need a plan when they arrive."


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