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Lieutenant Sabine St. James

Name Sabine St. James

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Keeps her hair short and her statue doesn't seem to give away much about her role or capabilities. However, her piercing gaze tends to be as ice cold as her blue eyes would suggest


Personality & Traits

General Overview Sabine grew up on freighters and space stations, she took a career with Starfleet more to just stay on the move. However, she also has a very strong sense of right and wrong. Her file indicates she is quite skilled as an investigator, but her advancement has been curtailed due to her peculiar social graces.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Security Officer, Sabine is quite good at her job. She is observant, calculated and with a dogged determination that is hard to shake her off a case. In a fight, she is quite reliable, good with her bare hands and a phaser. Many will say that she is dependable, reliable and loyal almost to a fault.

However, many also note that Sabine is an "acquired taste" - some officers find her nature almost lacking in protocol, too casual. Others find it makes her easier to approach. But there's sometimes an aloofness that many believe Sabine is intentionally doing, a "Sherlock Holmes syndrome" of sorts, to keep people off guard.
Ambitions Sabine gave up on her career ages ago - it's now just about upholding the law and doing the right thing.
Hobbies & Interests Sabine is a voracious reader, she pours over mystery novels from various cultures. Some say that's like bringing her work home with her, but Sabine genuinely likes a good mystery.

She's also a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Dixon Hill holodeck programs.

Along with this, Sabine seems to also like trying different foods and drinks, though she has admitted her attempts to try it outside of a replicator generally end with the fire suppression system kicking in.

Personal History Sabine was born in 2362 on Luna as an only child of civilian negotiators and surveyors for a mining operation. She spent most of her childhood on freighters, fringe colonies, and starbases. As a result, she didn't really have many kids her age to interact with and that may explain her current social graces. But she loves being in space and couldn't dream of staying on a planet for long.

She put in her application for Starfleet Academy in 2381, barely getting in but she was quickly accepted for the Operations track, becoming a security officer. Sabine had an eye for detail and she seemed to channel her issues socializing effectively as an interrogator, often getting a suspect to lower their guard and tell her everything.

She graduated in 2385 and was posted to the USS Lysander as a security officer, starting a fairly quiet career but the Lysander's Chief of Security found her personality grating and transferred her to Starbase 48 the following year.

Starbase 48, however, had no need for her and after six months, she was transferred to the USS Anaheim, though this did not bother her in the least. After two years aboard the Anaheim, Sabine was promoted and reassigned to the USS Antares with a career that was finally taking off. She was being groomed for a Chief role, her social graces were improving, and life was looking good.

Unfortunately, a murder took place on the Antares, taking the life of her best friend. Sabine tried to investigate it but was pushed off the case due to her personal connection. When she refused to stay out, she was reassigned again to the USS Ticonderoga. But this did not stop her. Breaking several rules, Sabine determined the killer was the Executive Officer of the Antares.

Naturally, Starfleet Security had a bit of a quandary. Sabine had cracked the case but broken every rule in the book to do it. Moreover, the XO of the Antares had some good friends in high places and the publicity of this case would further mar Starfleet's reputation in some circles.

It was decided to promote Sabine and dump her on Deep Space K-17 on the fringes of Federation territory while Starfleet Command quietly forced the murderer to retire and submit himself for rehabilitation. But surprisingly, Sabine accepted without question. Justice had been done, and she got a change of scenery.
Service Record 2281 - Accepted, Starfleet Academy
2285 - Graduated, Starfleet Academy. Posted, USS Lysander
2286 - Reassigned, Starbase 48. Reassigned, USS Anaheim
2288 - Reassigned, USS Antares
2290 - Reassigned, USS Ticonderoga
2393 - Reassigned, Deep Space K-17