This game is governed by the Pegasus Fleet Rules and Guidelines.


RPG Rating 3 2 2

Deep Space K-17 has a rating of 322. All players who join the simulation must be 16 years of age or older. If it is discovered that the player is under the age of 16 upon joining then they will be removed immediately from the simulation without any questions asked.


We all have to work together to keep the sim going. Therefore we ask that players should strive for a minimum post count of once every fourteen (14) days – that is one (1) post every two weeks, working out as roughly two (2) posts a month.

Players are expected to log in and post regularly. This generally means that you take part in all joint posts in which you are included in a timely fashion. We understand that real life happens though. If something occurs in an emergency situation take care of it and contact us once you can. If you know something is coming up it is your responsibility to let us know and we can put you on an LOA (for up to a month) or an ELOA (for up to three months). If you do not contact us and go AWOL for thirty days we're going to remove you from the sim.


All players will be permitted to hold:
2 Playing Characters(PC). A Primary and Secondary Character. This is at the discretion of the Game Staff, and it is dependant on activity levels.

There is no limit on Non-Playing Characters(NPC). Players are encouraged to play to their hearts desire. NPC's may not hold Department Head or Assistant Department Head roles unless approved by the Game Staff. Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and below may be used as desired. Any rank of Lieutenant and above must be approved.

It is encouraged that NPC's should have basic details completed on their biography; such as a physical description, and a brief personality profile. Anything further than that can be added as desired by the NPC creator, though the hope is that the more the character is developed, the more the biography will be developed as well.

NPC's should not be utilized without the inclusion of the player who owns the NPC.


All members of the simulation are to be treated with proper and equal respect.

Discrimination of any kind (e.g. age, ability, ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital status, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation) will not be tolerated. Harassment or intimidation of any kind (e.g. abusive, foul, or threatening behavior) will not be tolerated.

Any form of discrimination or harassment should be immediately reported to the Game Staff and will lead to the immediate removal of a player from the simulation.

All players are required to handle disputes in OOC fashion. OOC Disagreements will not be carried out “In-Game”. If further help is required, involved parties can direct the matter to the Game Staff. Please keep in mind that the Game Staff has the final word in any and all disputes. Please respect their decision and move on. Any player who does not agree with a dispute's outcome may contact the Commanding Officer.


Whilst Deep Space K-17 recognizes and welcomes a wide array of variety in the characters that are included within, there are some races within the Star Trek universe that are simply too powerful, or would have no place In-Character on the sim. As such the following are not accepted aboard:

-Shapeshifters (Changelings, Chameloids, Species 8472...)

-Androids, Augments or mobile emitter-equipped Holograms.

-Races from the Delta or Gamma Quadrant.

-Races from the opposing side of recent wars or of a hostile nature to Starfleet.

-Characters with physical or mental powers beyond those shown by major characters on the shows/movies (Excluding other restricted or disallowed races)

-Characters with physical appearance or behavioural traits dissimilar enough so as to cause confusion over the character's actual age. (ie: Adults that look like children or characters appearing childlike behave as adults)

-Characters from official sources and/or their relations.

-Borg, unless free from the collective.

-Q, half-Q, Q in human form, etc.

-Any race that is prohibited from any form of contact with other races, such as the Talosians.

Characters will be marked as NPCs upon user removal or resignation until such time as they can be reasonably written off In Character. These NPCs will be controlled by the GM and will not be included in character developments only to further on overarching plots.

Rules may be subject to change at any point in time and notice will be provided. The Game Staff reserve the right to remove a player from the sim deemed to be unhealthy to the community at any point in time. For questions please contact the Game Staff.