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Lieutenant JG Sel

Name Sel PsyD

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 193LBS
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Sel is a tall, handsome Vulcan man. His eyes are expressive but rarely betray his true feelings.

His hair is kept close cropped.


Father Major D’Var (Deceased)
Mother Sub-Commander T’Sellin (Deceased)
Other Family Velea, First Paternal Foremother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Typically Vulcan, See uses mental control to suppress his emotion. Though he did not have the discipline to achieve Kolinahr, he does his best.

Personal History Sel was born on Vulcan to D’Var and T’Sellin, both Scientists with the Vulcan Science Academy.

He was raised in a traditional Vulcan household, his parents spent a good deal of time attending to their work, and his First Paternal Foremother Velea spent time teaching the infant the Vulcan way.

At age 2, Sel was enrolled in Formative schooling to help develop his senses and cognitive ability. In this stage of education, likened to Nursery School, Vulcan children were encouraged to dance to express themselves.He excelled , and continued his schooling to advanced levels. Eventually moving on to the Learning Centre, where he studied alongside other Vulcan children.

When he was 15 years old, Sel’s parents along with ten other scientists were killed in a red matter explosion triggered during field testing near the outer rim. Sel made the decision to follow his parents and study at the Vulcan Science Academy.

His time at the Science Academy was hectic as Sel also pursued Kolinahr. He took to reading famous literature from different cultures in his free time and found an appreciation for Cardassian continuing epics.

When time came for his graduation his Foremother urged him to follow logic and take a posting with the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, where she thought he could flourish and grow. Sel agreed, viewing it as the logical decision, and applied to the group.

Sel began a career with the Expeditionary Group as a Sub-Lieutenant aboard the Vulcan Ship D’Argo, a vessel studying astral phenomena near Andor. Sel served in the Behavioural Science section, studying the continued effects of deep space service on crew members. He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and Section Lead because of meritorious service.

Soon the Vulcan man was assigned to the Listening Post at Yedrin III, as a senior Counselor. He accepted the role with dignity, and served for a number of years.

With this service under his belt Sel pursued a position in Starfleet. He Enrolled in a Direct Entry Program, given his service he was not required to attend the full Academy programming.

He was assigned to the USS Triumphant as a Counselor with the rank of Lieutenant. The Triumphant was assigned to patrol the Romulan border. The assignment was quiet, and allowed Sel to pursue a relationship with the Commanding Officer of the vessel, Captain Jonathan Quinn. It started as a mentorship and quickly evolved into something resembling a romantic relationship.

The relationship ended when Sel was transferred to the USS Georgia, where he served as the ship’s Chief Counselor for eight satisfactory years. While aboard the Georgia his former Commanding Officer, with whom he had been romantic, was elevated to Starfleet Command and feared that Sel might be a loose end that could unravel his new found success. Sel was promptly demoted and reassigned to Deep Space K-17 at the behest of his former lover.
Service Record Researcher ,Vulcan Ship D’Argo

Counselling Section Lead , Vulcan Ship D’Argo

Senior Counselor , Vulcan Listening Post, Yeldrin

Officer Candidate , Starfleet Direct Officer Entry Program

Counselor, USS Triumphant

Chief Counselor , USS Georgia

Chief Counselor, Deep Space K-17